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Faith and Family


D Marie enjoyed teaching school and taught for over thirty years. During that time, she helped hundreds of children learn how to read. She incorporated various educational methods, some self -made (besides the given reading curriculum) to develop the joy of reading. At times, she gave up part of her lunch hour to teach one-on-one.

Earning two degrees in Education, D Marie loves teaching. She continues to teach and has visited several classrooms sharing writing techniques with students for the Young Authors Program. Currently, she is tutoring kindergarteners who need that extra help. D Marie lives in the Midwest with her husband and family.

D Marie designed these inspirational books as a learning tool to nurture Christian character and living while offering wholesome reading entertainment. Book 1, Journey to the Glass Hill, is based on the Norwegian folk tale, Princess on the Glass Hill. Journey to the Noble Horse and Journey in the Waiting complete the trilogy series, Journey Books for Faith and Family.

Although the trilogy is written for intermediate grade readers, adults enjoy the books as well. They have written the various reviews on Amazon.